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Are you selecting effective Call Center Representatives? Can your current selection system identify the best people with call center sales potential?

Call Center Reps are the key to success in a call center and therefore, investing money and time in training poorly qualified reps can be a very significant loss to an organization. Once a candidate has been screened as to minimum job requirements, the Call Center Sales Profile provides an objective assessment of the individual's strengths and predicts their potential to deliver quality service, to cross sell and up sell. It will help you select candidates who possess these vital characteristics. The report will also assist in developing retention and coaching strategies for each individual who is profiled.

What is the Call Center Sales Profile?

This profile has been developed from a database of over 2 Million individuals in customer service and sales. This assessment is designed to assist call centers in identifying and selecting individuals who excel in working with customers for inbound or outbound sales roles. The Call Center Sales Profile provides an objective assessment of the candidate's inherent potential to succeed and be a good fit in a call center. Self-management, motivation to service customers or initiate sales, fit with the call center environment, comfort with conflict, people orientation, willingness to learn, and stress management are all examples of abilities that this assessment measures.

The Call Center Sales Profile also measures:

Prediction of Sales Potential

Business Development

Approach to Customer

Need for sales script of structure

Goal orientation

Customer Service Orientation

Managing Rejection

Decision Making

The Call Center Sales Profile is:

Objective, comprehensive and statistically validated

Identifies potential for inside sales and or service roles

Under constant review by a team of PhD's in psychology

Takes approximately 30 minutes to complete

Generates immediate results for the recruiter to assess

The candidate takes the profile on-line; resulting report is accessed online

"Investing money and time in training poorly selected people, is the same as watering rocks... they donít grow."