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The benefits of training are profound. Participants gain a deeper understanding of:

Their own strengths

Their opportunities for growth

Where to focus their attention for personal development

How to contribute best to their team and organization

Broader perspective of other's strengths

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Training is customized to develop the quality and retention of each call/contact center's unique workforce. Training sessions capitalize on the information derived from the profiles reports. These reports are used in the training and development process to:

Coach individuals to success

Enhance team communication

Build team performance

Develop leaders

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Individual Payoff  

Participants will learn how to:

Develop individual career plans

Capitalize on their strengths

Build better work relationships

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organizational payoff  

This process creates strategies for:

Succession planning

Team effectiveness

Building retention

Integrating selection and development

"It does not matter who you are or what you do, Berta Banks will get to the bottom of what is preventing you from getting to your next level and beyond. She not only helps you develop and mature as a leader, she also cares about you during the process."

- Claudio Silvestri, Director, Small Business and Channels
Microsoft Canada Company, 02/20/01

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