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eManager - Track. Measure. Benchmark.

Designed for the unique staffing needs of contact centers, eManager enables you to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your hiring process. This web-enabled recruiting and hiring system provides an efficient and economical solution for targeting and screening a high number of potential candidates.

It provides one integrated point of control for all staffing activity, including online & IVR screening, communications skills, psychometric profiling, selection, and hiring. It seamlessly tracks applicant progress and all applicant information from initial contact through hire.

It insures a systematic, disciplined and measurable approach to hiring. Flexible, scalable and XML based, the eManager can be tailored for your recruiting/hiring process.

eManager provides:

Control over the recruiting/hiring process

Links to candidate training, performance and retention

System reports for monitoring recruiting/hiring effectiveness

Turn-key solution

Benefits of eManager:

Creates pool of qualified candidates 24/7

Identifies best recruiting sources

Builds predictability into hiring

Streamlines hiring process

Saves management time

Reduces staffing costs and turnover

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selection system  

Top organizations succeed because they select and retain the right people. Banks & Dean provide benchmark studies to help our clients improve their selection and retention results.

What is a Benchmark Study?

A benchmark study is a statistical analysis to determine how a psychometric profile and other parts of a selection system relate to important call center criteria such as productivity, performance and retention.

Who provides this research?

Our solution partner, The SMG has developed psychometric profiles that have been validated on over 2 million people over the past 3 decades. Profiles have been designed for specific industries, such as call/contact centers and have been validated on people working in those industries.

What are the benefits of a validation study?

Objective evaluation of your selection system

Identifies characteristics of people at different performance levels

Creates an "ideal" candidate model for specific roles in the workplace

Measures the attributes and characteristics of your culture

Evaluates retention trends

Provides strategies for strengthening selection and retention

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