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Revolutionary Process Adds Significant Value to Call Center Industry

CHICAGO, IL, July 29, 2002 - Banks & Dean, a leading developer of staffing and career management solutions for call centers, launched its integrated staffing solution rapidly becoming the industry standard for call centers. The company's use of predictive screening and selection systems provides the strategies, tools, technology and training expertise needed to hire and retain best-fit performers. Banks and Dean will implement a scientific, measurable and predictive method of selecting, developing, and retaining best-fit individuals for call centers.

"The majority of call centers use very traditional methods for recruiting CSRs, resulting in significant cost impacts," says Berta Banks, partner at Banks & Dean. "Their recruiting, selection and retention models are old-fashioned, because the centers still rely on manual tools. What we bring to the industry is the use of scientific processes that integrate new technologies with time-proven traditional best practices

Banks & Dean's objective for its call center customers is to help identify the right talent, quickly and accurately. The results of the company's predictive, data-based approach include building a quality workforce, reducing turnover, and increasing productivity.

The Banks & Dean system matches the right people with the right jobs, resulting in a win-win solution. Using predictive profiling tools to identify and select best-fit individuals ensures success for both staff and management. Banks & Dean believe that when call centers meet their needs for top-notch staff with a high level of relevant skills, they're able to evolve as career centers as well as profit centers. It's a dynamic partnership in which everyone benefits.

"We've imposed a discipline on the recruitment process that brings about the best use of human capital," says Kathy Dean, a partner in the company. "It reflects the strengths of the call center itself - a structured environment with high quality standards that makes the best use of the talents of those who work in it. We do the research, identify the right people, and ensure they're placed exactly where they'll do their best."

Banks & Dean's solution for targeting and screening a high number of potential recruits includes state of the art psychometric profiling. Powerful software and communication technology enables those tools to be used in real-time. This integrated process shortens the hiring cycle and builds predictability into the recruiting and screening process, which is critical in the development of a recruitment and selection system that is measurable, consistent, and validated to determine what works best.

Now that call centers have invested heavily in technology, they're coming to the realization that, in the end, it's having the right people in place that makes the customer interaction work. By using a scientific method to assess human capital, call centers can lead the way in making informed strategic decisions about staffing, training, development, and the allocation of resource dollars. Today's successful call centers understand the critical importance that people play in delivering customer care. By identifying and selecting the right people - and helping the organization support them to be all they can be - Banks and Dean delivers significant competitive advantage for its clients.

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About Banks & Dean
Banks & Dean is dedicated to bringing call centers worldwide, strategic advantages through the creation and implementation of predictive screening and selection systems. The company's solutions impact the human side of the call center business by providing the solutions and expertise companies need to hire and retain the best-fit performers. Banks & Dean delivers strategies, tools and technology, as well as training and coaching to enable call centers to identify the right talent, quickly and accurately. The results include: building a quality workforce, reducing turnover and increasing productivity.