Banks & Dean
what we do

We deliver predictive assessments, systems, strategies and training so you can hire and retain best fit performers in contact centers, sales and management teams.

No other process can match our ability to predict the potential of individuals to succeed, to fit and to stay. With our Integrated Staffing Solution you can move your call center from an operational cost to a more predictable revenue generator.

Banks & Dean delivers significant return on investment to every call center with which we work. Our clients have achieved the following results:

Increased revenue generation

Shortened time to hire and increased quality of candidate

Increased retention

Reduced staffing costs

Identified and hired top performers



We are an award winning leader recognized for our expertise in financial services, insurance, education, telecommunications, retail, and the call center industry.

Our team provides expertise in the following areas:

Web-enabled integrated staffing solutions, call center operations, psychology, statistics, technology, human resources, leadership & team development, and coaching strategies.