Banks & Dean

Significantly Reduce your Call Center’s Turnover

Banks and Dean’s experience with Call centers has demonstrated that developing a predictive screening and selection process is the first important step towards building retention. Our end-to-end solution, which integrates screening, selection and retention management, creates consistency and adds structure to the hiring process. Every step of the recruiting and hiring decision is tracked and reported. This allows for continuous fine-tuning and in turn enables our clients to make better hiring decisions.

By tailoring the screening and selection processes to the Call Center’s position requirements, and by focusing on a candidate’s FIT to the position and the local environment, our clients have significantly increased retention and have reduced turnover.

Assurant Health (formerly Fortis Health) Call Centers achieved a reduction in turnover from a year-end rate of 90% in 2001 to a turnover of 52.7% in 2002 to a year to date turnover of 5% in 2003. This continuous reduction far exceeds industry standards.

According to Samuel Buckner, Director of the Assurant Health call center in Milwaukee, “In 2002 significant improvements in attrition were realized as we began to work with Banks and Dean consultants who specialize in the science of screening and hiring for call centers”.

"Banks and Dean was a strategic partner in a focused effort to decrease unwanted attrition and increase the ability to hire the best qualified candidate cost effectively."

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