Banks & Dean

Reduces Operational Costs and Maximizes ROI

Banks and Dean deliver predictive solutions, strategies and training that enable your Call Center to hire and retain best fit Customer Service Representatives. No other process can match our ability to predict the potential of individuals to succeed, fit and stay with your organization. Using our Integrated Hiring Solution, you will lower your operating cost while improving service to your clients. With it, you can scientifically identify fit to your unique job requirements, whether customer service, technical support, sales or collections.

Banks and Dean deliver significant return on investment to every Call Center with which we work. Our clients have achieved the following results:

Measurably improved productivity
Shortened time to hire and increased quality of candidates
Increased retention
Reduced staffing process costs
Increased revenue generation

"Banks & Dean provides multifaceted business intelligence. With their tools, turnover has decreased by 25 percent and we're making smarter hiring decisions. A 25 percent savings in turnover is an easy six-figure savings. We are also using this information to steer employees to a career path. This is the most significant service I have found to help on the people-end of the call center business."

- Kevin E. Johnson, VP
First Hawaiian Bank Call Center