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Toronto (September 21, 2004)

Banks and Dean, an award winning provider of Contact Center Hiring Solutions, announced today the latest addition to their suite of solutions - the Local Workforce Assessment. Banks and Dean's Local Workforce Assessment solution offers a powerful human capital solution for contact centers looking to relocate or expand at their current sites.

The Banks and Dean Local Workforce Assessment solution provides valuable insight into both the size and quality of the potential local workforce. The Local Workforce Assessment also provides current and comprehensive general demographics. Clients are provided with accurate data about the volume of interested candidates including those currently available and willing to be employed in a contact center environment. Tested and proven attraction strategies will provide a listing of pre-qualified candidates that will enable centers to ramp up quickly and hire the best representatives for customer service and cross sell functions.

Banks and Dean have continually been recognized for their quality of results provided to their customers through the application of their solutions. First launched in 2001, Banks and Dean's Contact Center Hiring Solutions have significantly contributed to improving the way contact centers do business, by providing a solution designed to screen, select and retain agents. “ Site selection, facility design, construction, operations, technology and telecommunications all must be linked together. Included in this mix are the people. After all, it's the people who make your contact center work - and remember, 70% of a call center's annual expenses go toward labor costs therefore, its probably the single most important decision ”, said Berta Banks, Partner.

Currently, decision makers rely on limited demographic research that offers broad information about the workforce, employers and infrastructure in specific cities. This information is often outdated and does not provide key psychographic data on the available workforce's potential fit to a contact center's environment. Banks and Dean’s Local Workforce Assessment solution provides specific contact center-driven human capital initiatives that can quantify and qualify the available workforce crucial to ensure the success of a specific location.

About Banks and Dean
Founded in 2001, Banks and Dean provide Integrated Hiring Solutions to contact centers. Their award winning solutions are proven for providing contact centers with the tools to screen, select and retain top contact center talent. Banks and Dean's Integrated Hiring Solutions offer predictive intelligence that will improve the quality and performance of your hires. They understand that each step of the hiring process is important and relevant to identifying a top performing representative. The solutions they deliver are designed to be measurable and position-specific. Banks and Dean currently serve over 50 customers in North America (US and Canada) have won numerous awards for their Integrated Hiring Solutions for Contact Centers.