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Toronto, March 21, 2007 - Banks & Dean, a leading provider of call center hiring solutions and consulting, announced today that Cardholder Management Services® (CMS), a wholly owned subsidiary of CardWorks, Inc., has joined the growing list of organizations who continue to choose Banks & Dean’s Integrated Hiring Solution to hire the best quality talent. Banks & Dean offers a scientific, measurable and predictive method of selecting best-fit individuals for specific call center roles.

"CardWorks® is dedicated to continually improving the quality of its service offerings," said Tara McComb, Vice President of Human Resources for CMS. "Banks & Dean's solution helps us to align our recruiting processes to support our strategic goal of improved quality through the attraction and hiring of the best potential talent."

Banks & Dean's Integrated Hiring Solution combines automated application review and state of the art comparative psychometric profiling with a structured recruitment process for hiring from high volumes of call center applicants. This solution shortens the hiring cycle and builds predictability into each hiring decision, which is critical in the development of a stable and productive work force.

"We are thrilled that visionary leaders, who are committed to hiring high quality talent, continue to adopt our innovative methodology for their call center hiring needs," said Berta Banks, President of Banks & Dean. "Most call centers today still use traditional reactive methods to recruit agents, resulting in significant cost impacts. We offer the industry an evolutionary process which combines the use of technology, objective measurement and proven best practices to optimize the desired outcome for consistently matching the right people with the right job."

About Banks & Dean
Banks & Dean is a leading provider of talent acquisition solutions to the call center industry. The company's solutions impact the human side of the call center business by providing the solutions and expertise companies need to hire and retain the best-fit performers. Banks & Dean delivers strategies, tools and technology, as well as training and coaching to enable call centers to identify the right talent, quickly and accurately. The results include: building a quality workforce, reducing turnover and increasing productivity. Banks & Dean is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.


About CardWorks
Headquartered in Woodbury, NY, CardWorks has two decades of experience providing comprehensive best-in-class outsourcing solutions for prime and non-prime credit card programs. The company provides turnkey servicing, including call center and credit, collections and risk management for existing and start-up programs. CardWorks operates transparently and thereby enables issuers to pursue their own objectives economically. CardWorks is the parent company of Cardholder Management Services (CMS) a leading bankcard servicer that provides card issuers in the US and Canada with a full range of world-class servicing and support solutions, and Merrick Bank®, a top-50 issuer of Visa cards and an authorized issuer of MasterCard cards.

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