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Local Workforce Assessment for Call Centers

Banks and Dean offer powerful human capital solutions for call centers looking to relocate or expand their current sites. Our tools provide valuable insights into both the size and quality of the potential local workforce as well as:

  More current and comprehensive general demographics
  Accurate data about the volume of interested candidates
  Workforce "Fit" for a call center environment
  Pre-tested attraction strategies that indicate best methods for generating applicant   flow

The site selection decision is most commonly based on available human capital. Banks and Dean assist call centers in making their expansion or site selection decisions using substantially more reliable information on how quickly they can staff the center, and on the availability of candidates most able to perform effectively and fit the call center's culture and strategic objectives.

Situation Summary - How Banks and Dean can assist Call Centers with Site Selection Considerations

Identifying a call center's human capital pool is an essential part of the site selection decision or expansion. Promoting equipment availability and supplier support is usually contingent upon accessibility to a large and qualified human capital pool in a particular area.

Currently decision makers rely on limited demographic research that offers broad information about workforce, employers and infrastructure in specific cities. This information is often dated and does not provide key psychographic data on the available workforce's potential fit to a call center's environment. Call center-driven human capital initiatives that can quantify and qualify the available workforce are crucial to ensure the success of a specific location.

Demographic Analysis Reporting

Banks and Dean will collect key information which will allow full analysis of the workforce of the considered locations. This data can drive decisions about site selection, quantity, quality and diversity of the workforce in specific areas, requirements for public transportation and other infrastructure.

Attraction Strategies

The Banks and Dean solutions enable companies to attract interested individuals in a community through a client specific or a pre-designed micro-site, available to applicants 24/7 for screening and data collection. Call Centers choosing to relocate or expand within a community will have immediate access to candidate information that can be used to quickly staff their centers with pre-qualified candidates.

We consult with client organizations or site selection/governmental agencies to develop appropriate attraction and sourcing strategies, using job boards, print advertising, radio and a variety of other mediums.

Workforce Fit to Call Center Environment

Banks and Dean will assess the fit of the local workforce and their potential to succeed and stay in your call center by collecting applicant information such as:

  Willingness to be recorded and monitored
  Willingness to wear a head set for duration of shift
  Rating of keyboarding or computer skills
  Ability to sit for extended periods
  Strict adherence to attendance and scheduled breaks
  Willingness to work in a fast-paced environment


Banks and Dean will determine through call center-specific research the availability of candidates in the workforce who will likely perform well in call center jobs. Banks and Dean utilizes world class psychometric tools to determine the quality of candidates by first filtering out unsuitable candidates, and then administering a full in depth assessment used internationally to predict productivity and quality in call center representative performance and retention.

Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Potential

Call Centers have shifted their business strategy to include cross-sell and up-sell initiatives. Banks and Dean have accommodated this new requirement by providing an objective assessment of the individual's relationship sales strengths and by predicting their potential to deliver quality service, to cross-sell and to up-sell.

Ready-To-Go Hiring Solution

Once a call center relocates to a new area or expands its current location, it must staff quickly to reduce operational costs and maintain service levels. The Banks and Dean Ready-To-Go Hiring solution provides access to pre-qualified candidates through a centralized and automated system. The solution efficiently and successfully manages the entire recruiting and selection process, while tracking and reporting on all candidate data.

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