Banks & Dean

Improve the Quality of Hires

Call Center Representatives are the key to success in a Call Center. Therefore, investing money and time in training poorly qualified representatives can result in significant losses to an organization.

Banks and Deanís Integrated Hiring solution offers predictive intelligence that will improve the quality of your hires. We understand that each step of the hiring process is important for identifying a top performing representative. Therefore our screening and selection components are designed to be measurable and position-specific.

Banks and Dean stresses that the hiring experience should be pleasant and gratifying for both the candidate and the recruiter. Our solutions were conceived based on these principles.

In a study completed for a financial services organization it was identified that on average, Customer Service Representatives with selection scores that fell below the recommended hiring ranges, specified by Banks and Deanís failed to perform adequately and were terminated involuntarily.

Conversely Customer Service Representatives who scored high in the Banks and Dean recommended hiring range handled 24% more calls per hour than those who scored low. These findings resulted in measurably lower costs per call, higher quality calls, and an overall decrease in the Call Centerís turnover rate.