Banks and Dean's Integrated Hiring Solutions transform Call Centers by redefining their recruiting and hiring processes.

We approach a Call Center's hiring, with position-specific, predictive systems that focus on quality of hires.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for facilitating our Executive Teambuilding “Leveraging our Strengths” Event. By taking the time to thoroughly understand our organization you were able to tailor a program that would allow for an intimate assessment of individual management styles and capture how those similarities and differences could be used to improve efficiencies and team cohesiveness. It was absolutely perfect! Aside from putting together such a wonderful program, what impressed me the most was your interaction with our Executives. Your demeanor and alignment with each of the leaders in terms of communication, coaching and attentiveness was remarkable. Not only were you a facilitator, but in a very short period of time became a peer and mentor. We look forward to our next progressive step together and want to thank you for your outstanding services and being part of our team.”

Nick Di Ponzio
Samsung Electronics Canada Inc.

" The leadership session yesterday was extremely well received but as importantly, delivered on our goals. Please accept my thanks. You are a valuable and treasured partner and colleague. Our talent journey will be one of the most crucial and far-reaching in our company's history. Success in this endeavor would simply not be possible without you -- I mean that. You are not only incredibly knowledgeable (a master) in this area but you have also committed yourself to deeply learning our company, our culture and our people. This is quite evident and powerful. And frankly, it's clear that you genuinely care about the leaders you have come to know."

Henry S. Givray
Chairman & CEO
SmithBucklin Corporation




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Event: Wednesday Nov 16 2011, “Competing against the Status Quo” - Receivable Management Association of Canada Berta Banks, President of Banks & Dean, will be speaking at the RMA's First Annual National Conference. “Collectively, we can share common interests and best practices to give our industry the unity it needs to protect common goals and promote industry standards.” Join Berta at the Metropolitan Hotel, in Toronto on Wednesday Nov 16 2011 to hear her talk about building strong teams and “Competing against the Status Quo”.
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Recruiting the Right People for the Right Roles”. BC Contact Centre Association invites Berta Banks, President of Banks & Dean, to speak at the 2008 Conference.
Tuesday, November 25, 2008
River Rock Resort and Casino in Richmond, BC

Berta Banks interviewed by CTV
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"NCR's Service Managements leadership team worked with Banks and Dean to assist us in leveraging our individual strengths to become a more effective team. We were immediately able to visibly demonstrate how a cohesive, team can excel to produce stronger results."

-Colleen O'Keefe
Vice President Service Management
Worldwide Customer Services

When we started several of my longer term managers were very skeptical of the suggested accuracy and usefulness of the Banks and Dean process.

Now that we have been using it for some time and with the benefit of personal debriefing sessions with Berta Banks, these same managers have now become our biggest advocates.  They have seen not only how it has helped us improve the fit and quality of people we recruit, but how it has also helped us better understand the unique coaching requirements of each of our travel consultants."

Tom Brauser
Vice-President, Operations
Intrawest Central Reservations

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Success Story:

"Banks and Dean provides multifaceted business intelligence. With their tools, turnover has decreased by 25 percent and we're making smarter hiring decisions. A 25 percent savings in turnover is an easy six-figure savings. We are also using this information to steer employees to a career path. This is the most significant service I have found to help on the people-end of the call center business."

-Kevin E. Johnson VP
First Hawaiian Bank Call Center

Best  Practice  Hiring by Berta Banks - Contact Management November/December Magazine (pg 18)

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